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twice a week worship services, children's worship service, Sabbath, proper attire, sitting apart, musical instruments...
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Iglesia ni Cristo.
Notice how Iglesia ni Cristo answer the questions―it is always through the verses of the Holy Bible and not by personal opinions.

Please continue your study of the Holy Scriptures
so you may come to know the doctrines, beliefs, teachings and practices of the
Iglesia ni Cristo that are purely based on the Holy Bible.
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Many people have already studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, many interesting questions have already been ask before that might be of interest to you and/or may provide the Answer to the Questions you have in mind. This section is being developed to facilitate your search for the truth written in the Holy Bible.  May you find the Questions and their corresponding Answers helpful and relevant to your needs.

Browse through the Questions and read the corresponding Answers.  For more information you may also study the suggested Websites or WebPages with links from the homepage. If you have further questions, please feel free to visit the Iglesia ni Cristo congregation nearest you. A minister or an evangelical worker would be happy to answer any biblical question you have in mind.

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IQ-07 Twice a week worship service ONCE A WEEK, our religious congregation holds a fellowship which I believe is the counterpart of your worship service. I learned from my officemate who is a member of your Church that you attend such gathering twice a week. Why does your Church hold two worship services weekly? Is it not going beyond what is taught in the Bible?
Vicky R. Bermudez, Waipahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
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IQ-21 On the observance of Sabbath day I   UNDERSTAND that   the  founder   of the used   to  be  a  Seventh-day  Adventist,  which means   he   understood   the   importance   of observing the Sabbath from the standpoint of an Adventist. Can you  please explain to me why he did not include Sabbath observance as a part of the practices of INC members?
Glenn D. Whitt II, tromboniste@email.uophx.edu
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IQ-48 Proper attire in worship services

I HAVE ATTENDED Iglesia ni Cristo Bible seminars and worship services here in Dubai several times.   I noticed that you do not pray "The Lord's Prayer". . . . . . .  Also, does God prescribe a particular outfit for His worshipers?   What if one is not financially capable of buying a decent  dress, can't he be allowed to attend the worship service? Isn't prescribing a  specific attire for the worship service a form of prejudice?
Edwin Gabriel,
Dubai, U.A.E.
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IQ-85 Sitting apart

I LIVE BY the motto "A family that prays together stays together." So you can imagine my surprise when I attended your worship service and I had to sit away from. my wife and daughter. Why are men and women seated apart?  Shouldn't families be together when they worship?
George Williams,
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
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IQ-98 Hymn singing and the use of musical instruments

I AM A minister of the Church of Christ in Dau, Pampanga. I graduated from the Philippine Bible College in Baguio City with a bachelor's degree in Theology.
As of now. I am confused as to the difference between the Church of Christ and the Iglesia ni Cristo.
My question is: Is there a scriptural basis for the Iglesia ni Cristo to use musical instruments in its worship services?
Dominador Layson,
Pampanga, Philippines
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IQ-103 Sabbath days are over

I AM A Catholic who has attended the worship services of different religious denominations.       I also read the Holy Scriptures.  
In the Bible, specially in Exodus 20:8-9, it is stated that the Sabbath should be remembered and kept holy. It is also stated in the verse that for six days a man should work and on the seventh day he should rest.
My question is this: Why is the Sabbath not observed anymore in our time, the Christian era?     Is the non-observance of the Sabbath in our time based on the Bible?
Jimer Henson,
Isabela, Philippines
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IQ-118 Children's worship service

MY NEIGHBORS ARE Church of Christ members.  Every Sunday, I observe that their little children are dressed in formal attire and attend to what they call Pagsamba ng Kabataan. Unlike children in my religion, these children attend such Sunday activity regularly and on time prescribed by your Church. Is this Pagsamba ng Kabataan really necessary?   I've heard from a friend who is also a member of your church that all your doctrines are anchored and based on the Bible.  What is your biblical basis for having this worship service for children?
Lorie Gabriel,
Villasis, Pangasinan, Philippines
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IQ-126 Holy Supper literal or not?

ONE OF MY classmates in college told me that the bread and wine mentioned by Christ during the Holy Supper are not literal. He said Christ spoke spiritual words then and not literal. He used the verses John  6:53 and 63 to support his point. I am not very knowledgeable about the Bible, but I disagree with him.
I would like to ask you, is my classmate right in asserting that the bread and wine in the Holy Supper are indeed not literal?
Alexander O. Martan,
Rizal, Philippines
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