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The following sections were created to enhance your interest and encourage you to study the "Iglesia ni Cristo" by making it easier to find the answers to some of your questions about the church. The following are short description of each section:

  • Interesting Questions on the church's doctrines, beliefs and teachings about the Lord God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible, the Church, about Baptism - Membership, Faith - Belief, Salvation, about Judgment Day-Eternal Life, the Messenger - Prophecies, Prayer, Images - Saints - Idols, Worship, Family - Person, Offerings, and Various topics
    Click any of the above subject to browse through the questions list.

    These are questions previously asked by people who have studied the Iglesia ni Cristo. You may have similar questions in mind or find any question that might be of your interest.
    Check it out now and get the answer to your questions quickly.
  • Misconceptions about the "Iglesia ni Cristo"
    Many people have misconceptions about the Iglesia ni Cristo. Misconceptions are mistaken thought, idea or notion; It may also be a misunderstanding; or a false or mistaken view, opinion or attitude. These misconceptions are generally passed around by Iglesia ni Cristo detractors who have nothing good to say about the Church. They make these lies sound as the truth and many people believe them. This section was created to help refute some of these misconceptions so people who are studying the church may come to know the truth.
  • Compare the Iglesia ni Cristo Beliefs in God and Jesus Christ
    This section "Compare Supporting Verses" is being presented in comparative format, to help refute or disprove the persistent effort of Iglesia ni Cristo detractors who keep on calling  the the Iglesia ni Cristo a cult or cult of Christianity with unbiblical and un-Christian doctrines and beliefs, just because Iglesia ni Cristo deny or refuse to believe their so-called "central doctrines of their Christian faith" particularly their belief in the Triune God and the deity of Jesus.  By  Comparing the Supporting Verses,  Iglesia ni Cristo wants people to realize that contrary to what her detractors says,  Iglesia ni Cristo teachings are biblical and solidly based on what is written in the Bible. Iglesia ni Cristo does not hide the truth, on the contrary, Iglesia ni Cristo wants you to know the truth.  Welcome! . . . . . .   Find out who is really teaching the truth written in the Holy Bible.
  • "Iglesia ni Cristo" Convert Stories
    This section is about inspiring stories of Iglesia ni Cristo converts from around the world. Many of these true to life stories are from many years back but  their stories are still relevant, most particularly, to those who are presently studying the Iglesia ni Cristo. We hope that by reading their stories people may come to understand the workings on "how God calls people", that is,  how God move, draw and give people the desire to study His words written in the Holy Bible; and may also be inspired to continue their search for the true Church of Christ.
  • Reasons of Conversion to the "Iglesia ni Cristo"
    A great number of people have already converted to the Iglesia ni Cristo faith for varied reasons because they found what they are looking for. They left their former religions because they are dissatisfied for various reasons and have questions left unanswered. In the Iglesia ni Cristo, they come to understand the true teachings written in the Bible.  All their unanswered questions, in their former religions, are answered and made clear by the ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo by means of the verses of the Holy Bible. Thus, they find their new-found faith to be teaching the truth written in the Bible and they come believe that it is the true Church of Christ. As a result, they acquired a strong faith in the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone is welcome
to Study, Examine and Compare the Iglesia ni Cristo

  • If you are not a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo and wanted to know more about the church, please go through the various sections of this website so you may have a good idea of some of its teachings.
  • If, however, you are a member of another church or religious organization and. . . . 
    • you have questions about your faith, doctrine or belief which are not answered to your satisfaction based on the verses of the Bible, such as but not limited to, the Trinity or Triune God, the deity of Jesus or being God-man, the deity of the Holy Spirit, the faith alone concept of salvation, the relevance of the church to salvation, purgatory, saints, images, idols, tithing, etc;
    • or, you sense something is wrong with your doctrines and beliefs because they are explained based on personal opinions and suppositions or just plainly told that it is a "mystery" that no one can understand.
      YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to continue your studies by going through this website and compare your doctrines and beliefs to that of the Iglesia ni Cristo.
  • If you are searching and longing to find the true Church that will surely lead you to salvation and eternal life, please include the Iglesia ni Cristo among the religions you plan to study.
  • If you feel you are ready to further your studies about the Iglesia ni Cristo, please feel free to visit any Iglesia ni Cristo chapel or house of worship in your locality. You are welcome to attend and observe how the worship service is solemnly conducted. You are also welcome to attend the Bible Studies on doctrines and free to ask the resident minister or evangelical worker any biblical question you have in mind. Click this link to see the  Directory of Iglesia ni Cristo places of worship services outside the Philippines.
  • If you are now a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo and plan to missionize your friends, relatives and acquaintances, you may do so by asking them to browse through this website to get good idea of some of its teachings.

Discover for yourself
who is teaching the truth that are written in the Bible.

Iglesia ni Cristo does not hide the truth. In fact, Iglesia ni Cristo wants you to know the truth written in the Holy Bible. You are welcome to study-examine  the doctrines, beliefs and teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo in comparison with other religions.

  • Discover for yourself who are the real cults―the real cult of Christianity, the pseudo-Christian religions, who teaches and practices man-made un-biblical doctrines, beliefs, rituals and ceremonies based human customs, traditions and creeds, thus following commandments of men, instead of the commandments of God taught by the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles that are clearly written in the Bible.
  • Discover for yourself who are those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and God but unwittingly do not follow His words and teachings because they were made to believe that the doctrines and beliefs they follow are biblical when in fact it is not taught explicitly in the Holy Bible.
  • Discover for yourself how uniquely the Iglesia ni Cristo preach and teach the words of God. Study closely how the Iglesia ni Cristo preachers and teachers use the verses of the Bible to explain the "spiritual truth" written in the Bible. Compare the Iglesia ni Cristo preachers to other preachers in general. . . . . Are they also personally interpreting the verses of the Bible as commonly done by preachers in other religions? . . . . Or, are they really using the "Spirit's words (verses)" to explain the "spiritual truths" written in the Bible as explained by Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:13.
  • Discover for yourself how uniquely and differently Iglesia ni Cristo ministers answer all your religious  questions by quoting directly from the verses of the Holy Bible and not from personal opinions and suppositions as commonly done in other religions.     Iglesia ni Cristo doctrines and beliefs will be clearly explained to you through the verses of the Holy Bible.    In the Iglesia ni Cristo, you will never hear the word "mystery" as an answer to your questions, as it is commonly done in other religions because their doctrines and beliefs are not taught explicitly in the Holy Bible.

The following are links to suggested Websites for your study. May you find them helpful and relevant in your search for the truth written in the Bible. 

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    • The Church in its early years in the Far East
    • The Gathering of God's children in the Far West
    • The Church as biblical prophecies attest
    • The Church rapid global expansion
    • The Iglesia ni Cristo Architecture
  • Link to
    • "Comparing Beliefs about God and Jesus Christ.
      We present the verses - not opinions. You decide which is the biblical truth."
    • Eternal Life means to know God and to know Jesus Christ - 7 Lessons
    • Comparing beliefs in God - 14 Lessons
    • Comparing beliefs in Jesus Christ - 13 Lessons
    • Comparative Bible Study Guidelines
    • Comparative Verse Studies
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    • "We present the verses—not opinions. You decide if it is the biblical truth."
    • Unique Bible Study Lessons -- About 174 topics in 26 lessons are carefully selected to give you the biblical answers to many basic and perplexing religious questions that some people would like to know from man's creation to man's salvation and the attainment of eternal life..
    • Unique Bible Study Method -- a Bible study method based on biblical rules, not on limited human wisdom or intellect but on the infinite wisdom of God.a Bible study method based on biblical rules, not on limited human wisdom or intellect but on the infinite wisdom of God.
  • Link to
    • For the latest Directory of Places of Worship Service around the globe.
    • Includes location and contact information of Locales, Local Congregations and Group Worship Service outside the Philippines
  • Link toLink to Iglesia ni Cristo Media Services -
    • Face the Truth; That's in the Bible; The Message; One on One; INC Giving

May the Holy Scriptures be made clear and meaningful to you
as you continue your study.

May you ultimately find the way, the truth and the life.

Thank you
for including the Iglesia ni Cristo in your study.


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 * Iglesia ni Cristo in Tagalog is translated in English as "Church of Christ" and in Spanish as "Iglesia de Cristo"  
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